profile I am Jagjivan Singh from Village Bhai Rupa, Tehsil Rampura Phul of District Bathinda, Punjab. I am currently pursuing Diploma in Computer Engineering from Punjabi University Campus, Rampura Phul. We are four members in our family besides me, my father and my mother and my elder brother. We live in a joint family and we live together with my uncles and their families. My brother is planning to go to Canada, however I have no such plans. In total 40 acres of land, we grow Sugarcane (varieties: 8436 and 089) on 15 acres, Wheat (varieties: 2967 and Orbit), Paddy (Dogar Pusa, ND-18), Millet, Maize and Chari. We also have 3 buffalos and 3 calves for the dairy needs of the household. Modern agriculture implements are important to achieving success in farming today, hence we have invested in variety of farm implements. We now have 4 Tractors (New Holland 3630, new Holland 5500, Mahindra arjun and Mahindra enter DI), Combine, Ripper and Leveler.



40 Acres of Land.


Sugarcane, Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Millet and Chari.


4 Tractors, Combine, Ripper and Leveler.


3 Buffalos and 3 Calves.

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Message to Farmers

My message to the farmers is that they should not use chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The quality of the crops due to their use has been decreasing and chemicals and pesticides are also degrading the quality of the soil. They are also harmful for our health. Also the organic products sell for higher price in the market and farmers can make more profit.


Bhaika Farm

Address: Village Bhai Rupa, Tehsil Rampura Phul, District Bathinda, Punjab, 151106
Phone: +91 8558995001